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This IWR gift guide is for the yogis, travelers, + wellness warriors in your life!

Small, but soulful...Make great stocking stuffers

1• Lemon Juicer | small, yet mighty. This effective tool has become our new must have in the kitchen. Perfect for our detoxifying warm lemon water in the morning + for squeezing fresh lemon juice over fish + veggie dinners in the evening.
2• Dirt Lip Balm | we swear by this so much that it made our top 3 cold weather essentials everyone has to have.
3• I Travel Well Oil | This convenient liquid extract was formulated specifically to support the needs of today's modern traveler. Hectic schedules, increased demands on the immune system, changes in time zone, disrupted sleep and meal routines and limited healthy food choices are some of the many challenges faced when traveling. This powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs has been created to help keep you at your best when you are on the road.

4Beard OilBeridan Naturals is a botanical apothecary that was founded on an intense passion for the simplistic and the concrete belief that nothing is more inspiring or therapeutic than the ancient beauty and depth of the natural world. Handcrafted with organic jojoba, sesame and apricot kernel oils, their Beard Oil blend will leave beards of all shapes and sizes feeling incredibly soft and smelling simply fantastic! They have some scents that are grounding + earthy and others that are invigoratingly citrusy + uplifting. 
5• Plane ticket to Tulum, Mexico | Be a hero this holiday season + surprise a loved one with a ticket to our upcoming Ayurveda, Alignment, + Yoga Retreat (Feb 4-8, 2015) !


6• Cookbooks| Eat, Taste, Heal is one of our favorite Ayurvedic resources, Thug Kitchen is a hilarious read for anyone who doesn't mind their recipes being served up with a side of 4 letter words, + Green Kitchen Travels is a collection of healthy vegetarian + vegan recipes, inspired by a family's hunger to  travel and explore flavors from around the world. It has such beautiful photography you'll want to drop it all to travel more + cook more.

7• World Map Cutting Board|  Combining 2 things we + travel. This beautiful, rustic cutting board is made of either cherry or maple wood and features a crisp, modern world map design. 

8•  Herb Sticker Decals for Flower Pots| Zesty Graphics' Etsy shop has got the gardeners + herb growers in you life covered! We love the topography on these vinyl decals and think they'd look great on pots in the kitchen or on a balcony. Each order comes with 4 herb decals of your choosing. It's your pick from the following list...• Basil• Chives• Cilantro• Coriander• Dill• Marjoram• Mint• Oregano• Parsley• Rosemary• Sage• Tarragon• Thyme


9 Manduka Cork Yoga Block| These cork yoga blocks are made of sustainable cork. We love the firmness and the high quality makes us feel that overtime these won't deform or breakdown like some foam blocks might. These are perfect to sit on while meditating, for extra assistance during an at home yoga practice, and/or to find support in restorative yoga postures. 

10• Yoga tune up balls| Move more, stretch more + free our bodies from all stiffness...that's the goal! You'll be one step closer with yoga tune up balls. These balls can be used on any area of your body where you feel tension building. At our retreats, Amanda has our yogis use these balls for everything from releasing tightness from their feet to rolling out the stiffness between their shoulder blades. If you're just getting started with this type of mobility work, Yoga tune up also has great how-to books + videos. We love that the alpha ball serves as a travel friendly foam roller for the bigger muscles in the legs, and the regular sized balls are great for rolling out the feet + shoulders.

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11• Waterbottle| drinking more water is a habit that can definitely upgrade your life. Having any old water bottle around encourages us to stay hydrated, but an insulated waterbottle has been a game changer ! We love that it keeps our water warm for our tea in the AM + manages to keep our water cool even on the hottest days. Swell waterbottle's are sleek + stylish, but we also love that Hydroflask has a variety of sizes to offer.
12• Ayurvedic Skin Care Kit| This Evan Healy skin care kit comes with five ayurvedic inspired products that assist in re-establishing a healthy hydro/lipid balance to the skin. After a long day on the road, Jenn loves washing her face with the Lemongrass Facial Polish. It features an exceptional selection of regenerating and soothing plants from the Ayurvedic tradition. When I travel my skin gets really dry and this gives you gentle cleansing, exfoliation and nourishment all at the same time. Its so much kinder to your skin than the hotel soap. We love that this kit comes with sample-sized products, which means carry on friendly :)

13 Plant Based Spa Collection Gift Set | HerbivoreBotanicals is a 100% Natural Plant Based Skin Care + Beauty Line. We're definitely into their curated selection of bath and skin care items. Dead Sea Salts, himalayan pink salt, a skin rejuvenating best selling pink clay mask, and luxurious neroli body oil will help calm your skin, mind and body. AND it includes a beautiful gift box adorned with gold ribbon?!...Yes, please!

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14• Nike Leather Toiletry Bag| keeping your essentials organized when you travel is a must. From personal experience, we like this narrow design because it allows us to easily slip our toiletry bag into backpacks + carry ons. The simple camel color has our hearts and is sure to makes for timeless travel style.

15• Gold Hand Lettered Travel Journal | We're all about documenting our adventures and travel tips in our soulful travel diary blog, but there's nothing quite like detailing the journey with pen + paper. We're totally digging this travel inspired moleskin journal.


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