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Integrative Wellness Retreat offers lifestyle retreats, lectures, workshops, + classes that actively engage people in the process of living a more empowered, healthy, whole existence. We have experts in the field of integrative medicine and wellness deliver credible content that revolves around food, movement, and lifestyle. To further elevate the experience, we host our events in unique and healing destinations. Using this fresh approach to wellness, we inspire and enliven the human spirit to take ownership of their health, and thus maximize quality of life, physical function, and psychological well being.



Integrative Wellness Retreat believes that in this life, we all need more avenues that allow us to explore and actively engage in the process of living a more empowered, healthy, whole existence. We create experiences that integrate 4 core elements: food, movement, lifestyle, and soulful travel. Each of our offerings has a specific theme and our dedicated group of professionals aims to harmonize the 4 core elements into all of our events. We love working with those who recognize that their health is precious and are thus committed to elevating their well- being on the daily. After an integrative wellness retreat experience, clients feel aware, educated, and empowered. We do this by hand selecting experts in the field of integrative medicine and wellness and collaborate only with those who are in line with our vision of delivering the most relevant and credible content to groups of inspired individuals. What results is a fresh approach to wellness that excites and enlivens the human spirit to take ownership of their health.




AMANDA RAMIREZ is a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy + Certified Yoga Instructor. Her passion, purpose, and truth are to honor the body’s innate and incredible capacity to heal and be whole. Using food, movement, and lifestyle, she serves as a facilitator of healing and health. "I am here to guide and empower all the soulful beings out there who are seeking an integrative and holistic approach to wellness." With a scientific mind + passionate heart, Amanda’s unique approach is grounded in evidenced based research, yet honors the infinite subtle interactions between the mind, body, spirit. Outside of PT + yoga, she loves her beach lifestyle…traveling by VW bus, surfing, hiking, beach volleyball, cooking, + connecting with inspiring people. IWR has given her the opportunity to nurture her entrepreneurial spirit by combining her passion for healing with the excitement of travel. 

JENN MARKS is an Event Planner + Certified Yoga Instructor. As an Event Planner she produces everything from sporting events to conferences all over the world. Her yoga practice facilitates her ability to create balance for herself and others while she plans and executes events. Yoga’s profound impact on her life along with a deep curiosity for this healing practice inspired Jenn to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2013. Throughout this experience, Jenn + Amanda envisioned the potential for offering retreats that brought balance and awareness to others, and from there Integrative Wellness Retreat was born. In her down time, Jenn enjoys traveling the world experiencing wellness, food, and rituals in different cultures, and loves that she can always find “home” on her mat enjoying an ever evolving yoga practice. IWR has given her the opportunity to overlap what she loves with what she does.

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