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MALIBU 2014 RECAP | Ayurveda, Alignment + Yoga Retreat

Ayurveda, Alignment + Yoga| Malibu, CA| October 2014

In the Fall of 2014, Integrative Wellness Retreat integrated elements of Ayurveda, Alignment and Yoga to bring the mind, body + spirit back into balance. This experience guided our soulful travelers towards a lifestyle that kept them grounded and centered during a season traditionally known for transition and transformation. Claire Ragozzino of VIDYA was the chef. She is a certified yoga instructor, plant-based chef and holistic nutrition educator. At the 2014 Malibu Retreat she created a menu that offered healthy, seasonal, Ayurvedic-inspired meals. Amanda Ramirez, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Yoga Instructor, led an interactive lecture series focused on the principles of proper biomechanical alignment. She guided the group through daily meditation practice and taught intelligently sequenced yoga classes meant to give everyone the opportunity to experience all the wonderful benefits of movement while building awareness around their alignment. From sunrise to sunset, our days were full and our hearts were grateful. Some of our favorite activities + adventures included: surfing, hiking, swimming, sunrise savasana, and star-gazing from the hot tub. Honored that this retreat was rated one of the top 10 retreats around the world! 


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